John Mac Namara

John is the founder and current Chief Executive of BCM Business Cost Management Limited, a world leading firm specialising in Cost Reduction for a wide variety of clients.

John founded BCM 23 years ago and has grown the business to having 30 offices spread across 16 countries.  BCM focuses on identification and implementation of savings across a wide variety of approximately 40 categories of spend including printing, packaging, stationery, electricity, communications, food, transport, labour, etc. BCM has a unique selling point in that it only charges its clients a % of the savings achieved thus making the No Savings, No Charge offering risk free for clients.

John is also a founding Director of iBusiness Warriors, a firm specialised in growing SME’s in terms of revenue and profitability.  iBW provides a hands on marketing, sales, operations and finance service to SME’s which typically doubles or trebles the revenue and profitability of the organisation in question. As with BCM, iBW operates a No Results, No Charge fee structure thus ensuring the client takes no risk in engaging iBW.

John is a former Senior Manager with Tellabs Limited, a large US hi-tech multinational – with this company John was primarily used as a trouble-shooter to set up new departments and structures and to turn around poorly performing functional areas.   John held a total of 9 positions over a 10 year period in this regard.  Prior to this, John worked in various engineering and supervisory positions with Pako Limited in Limerick and Westinghouse in the USA.

John is an electronics engineering graduate of Limerick University and also has a diploma in Business Studies.   He is a strong innovator with exceptional project management skills and has wide ranging experience in start-ups of both small and medium sized organisations.

John is active outside of work also with an extensive agenda of community development interests being the founder of his local Community Centre, Drama Society, Historical Society, Choir and more.

His business achievements have been noted – John is the Limerick City Enterprise Board Entrepreneur of the Year 2009, Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 and since 2015 is the Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Limerick Institute of Technology and National Franchise Centre.


John is a highly motivated, results focused management professional; and is more than happy to share his knowledge and experience. His ‘can-do’ attitude is a major positive influence that he brings to bear on the projects I’ve worked on with him, and have seen him involved in. A great guy to work with, and someone to have on your side when the pressure is on, and deadlines need to be met. I’ve worked with John where senior guys including Government Ministers have been in attendance at meetings; and his presence, experience and business/political awareness were key to the successful outcomes that were achieved.
Donal Ryan, GSC Project Manager at DePuy Johnson & Johnson
I have worked with John for over ten years. John has excellent skills in a wide range of business functions including; sales, marketing, operations and supplier negotiation. John’s interpersonal skills are also impressive and result in positive outcomes when interacting with customers, suppliers & staff. John’s record over the decade I have known him demonstrates he can be considered a business leader in both an Irish and international context.
Damon O'Shea, Owner, Cost Map
For the last six years since I joined BCM, John proved to be someone you can really trust, straightforward and honest, always there to support his partners. The appetite for delivering results coupled with his effectiveness and vast cost reduction knowledge, makes him the best around in cost reduction business!
Efthimios Spiridopoulos, Procurement Expert | Effective Cost Cutter | Owner at Actum Greece
I have worked with John for some ten years now and am confident in saying that I find John of the finest character. He is honourable, thorough and generous and his relationships with both clients and work colleagues are much admired by many. John has a sound knowledge of his industry and has an uncanny knack of locating cost savings that have been overlooked by the best!
David Vidler